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Dear Asia Enduro Series community,

Welcome to the Asia Enduro Series (AES), an initiative dedicated to building a vibrant mountain biking (MTB) community across Asia. Founded with the vision of connecting diverse trails, promoting new MTB destinations, and creating unforgettable adventures, AES is more than just a competitive racing series—it’s a celebration of the sport and its enthusiasts.

Our primary goal is to foster inclusivity and fun. We have designed various categories to accommodate riders of all levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and feel like a winner. At AES, everyone is invited and included, making it a unique platform where riders come together to share their passion for mountain biking.

AES collaborates with local organizers to showcase different trails and cultures, offering participants a chance to experience the rich diversity of Asia. By promoting these destinations, we aim to boost local tourism and support the growth of mountain biking across the continent.

With a lineup of exciting locations, trails, and experiences each year, AES promises adventures like never before. Join us in exploring the breathtaking landscapes, meeting new people, and having a blast on the trails.

Keep riding and join us on this incredible journey!
Team Asia Enduro Series


AES 2023 Calendar

  • Round 1 Nagarkot hills, KTM, Nepal
  • Round 2 Philippines
  • Round 3 Indonesia
  • Round 4 South Korea
  • Round 5 Bhutan
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